We build our products with tradition:

The original recipes that we produce are from Germany. As Germany is known for its fine food, we have refined the art of baking.  Through the traditions of our family we are able to create respected and beautiful pastries, cakes and more.

We still have a lot of Danish products available as well.

Come in today and try out our wide selection of traditional German and Danish cakes, sweets, buns and bread.

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We use only the freshest ingredients to bring the best baking. This includes non-GMO baking only to make sure that are baking can be as healthy as possible.


We offer seasonal ingredients for all of our products. Come into us at different times of the year to try out our fresh options.


Our products are produced in limited quantities by an artisan trough the use of traditional methods and recipes. 

Our quality of ingredients

Each one of our products is produced using only the best quality of ingredients. We use no artificial preservatives and only non-GMO ingredients. Any of our products are produced using the finest in baked goods. We use only natural fermentation and we deliver a commitment to quality.

We are an artisan bakery as well as a coffee shop and we deliver only preservative free baking goods. We have a commitment to use only natural ingredients, whole grains as well as the freshest of in season fruits. It’s our goal to produce only products that are seen as healthy choices and we’d never want to compromise on taste.

Each of the baked goods that we produce is also designed with a simple recipe in mind. We want to make sure that we’re keeping only pure, natural and high quality ingredients so that we will always produce a superior quality bread or pastry. The handcrafted treats that we produce are all baked with specifically sourced ingredients.

By sourcing and delivering only dedicated, high-quality products we can offer the best quality and consistently high standard foods.

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